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Divinely Decadent

~ art by Zinah~

~*.o* Divinely Decadent Art o.*~
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Welcome to divine_decadent. This is the art/gfx community of zinah. Here I will be posting ALL the graphics, tutorials, resources, layouts and other art goodies I create, along with links to other great resources and links that are useful for graphic makers/web designers (or links I just find interesting). If you're interested only in my art, please, DO NOT FRIEND MY PERSONAL JOURNAL!!! Friend this community instead to keep up with updates! If you are interested in making friends with me - comment on my journal.

If you want to see my fandoms - go and see interest list of this community. Moreover, all posts will be tagged properly so see you can always see the Tag List which should give you more details. Tags are rather self-explanatory.
Right now the community is closed to new members and all entries will be public. If anything bad happenes in the future, I may make it Members Only. But at this time you only have to friend the community to stay tuned. :)


1. If you take any of my own creations (icons, headers, layouts, wallpapers, resorces made by me, my own photos, etc.), YOU MUST CREDIT ME somewhere. For icons - you can put zinah or divine_decadent in keywords or comments. For other stuff - in your user info or a resource post.

2. My resources can be used on websites (e.g. fansites) but THEY ARE NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. If you want to use them commercially - contact me about it at jehonala [at] gmail [dot] com.

3. Do not claim that anything I do for your own or redistribute it.

4. Do not alter my icons in any way, edit them customize them.

5. Please, comment if you take anything. It's nice and kind. *hint hint* Constructive criticism (concrit, concrit :D) is always appreciated. I would love to know your opinion.

6. If you have any questions about graphics/photos/my other works - COMMENT HERE about it. Please, be sure to read the THE FAQ before you ask. Don't contact me in private, I may ignore you completely. Please, do not ask any questions through e-mail or at my personal journal.

7. Don't request things (like icons or headers) - you may be ignored. I DO take requests sometimes - but if I'm in a mood, I will let you know by making a post to let you make your request (they will be tagged "!requests"). *or you can make friends with me ;)*

8. You can always politely suggest a tutorial on specific things (like colouring or any kidn of effects, as well as making resources). I may not always remember how I achieved a colouring or don't know how to make an effect but it's always worth trying - I may write about it one day. ;) I can't promise anything but here is a post where you can ask for it. Be sure to check list of my tutorials first.

9. You can comment/ask/request a thing (when allowed)/request a tutorial either in English or in Polish. Please, bear in mind that English is not my first language.

10. ENJOY!
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